Taking the Train to London

Edinburgh_HDOur time in Edinburgh was nice, but too short. As a result, we are planning to come back up here in August after the Oxford Education Research Symposium. While I am presenting my second paper on team dynamics at the symposium, Cyd is going to teach more classes at the Oxford Yarn Store, but that is another blog for another trip. On to catching up with the events of this trip. While I went to the Edinburgh Harley dealer yesterday, Cyd spent some time walking about Edinburgh visiting several shops, where she met a new friend and fellow textile enthusiast. Cyd’s new friend, Kathy, is quite the hardy old bird. IMG_5692She takes an annual trip by helicopter to a couple of remote northern Scottish islands to hand pick wool from bushes that is left by two ancient and protected species of sheep as they wander grazing about their islands. Kathy spins this wool into a necessarily limited run of lace-weight yarn. I was quite impressed by this story and Kathy’s dedication to the preservation of a historical means of woolgathering. She and Cyd hit it off famously and Cyd received another invitation to teach two of her classes here in Edinburgh at Kathy’s Knits the next time we visit. Cyd is definitely my International Instructor of Mystery ;-).

Edinburgh is a very lovely city and interesting to an old history buff. Due to the short timeframe, we spent our time in the Old Town for the most part. We stopped by the Writer’s Museum one day, which Writers_Museum_1included exhibits on Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns. Edinburgh is full of small museums that are in old buildings and dedicated to specific topics. In a sense, the Edinburgh Castle, which we enjoyed very much is a large and sprawling museum that focuses on Scottish royal and military history. For a broader historical perspective, we spent yesterday afternoon in the National Museum of Scotland. The NMS is currently undergoing renovation, so the displays were a bit clustered, but it was very interesting, nonetheless.

The NMS does quite a bit of work with children’s groups and has many of the displays set up for interactive access and knowledge transfer. I am sure the grandkids would be delighted by the large collection of dinosaur exhibits as well as all of the natural history exhibits.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Stegasauros Whale Skull
TRex Stegasauros Whale_Skull

The train is “just a rollin’ down the track” toward London and we are looking forward to a few days at our favorite hotel in London, the St. Pancras.

North of Newcastle Durham St. Pancras International
LondonTrain_1 LondonTrain_2 LondonTrain_3

We are going to visit some of the London museums before taking the Eurostar on Sunday to Paris to begin the painting component of our trip. Tomorrow, we are going to the Inventing Impressionism exhibit at the National Gallery to put us in the right frame of mind for painting in Provence next week.

Joe and Cyd


2 thoughts on “Taking the Train to London

    1. Yes, it was the Elephant (or as I preferred to call it, the Oliphant) Cafe. Rowling wrote most of the Harry Potter novels from the back balcony. It was right down George IV Bridge street from our hotel. Love Dad


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