Great Day in Wales

After traveling by train on Thursday from Oxford thru Birmingham, we arrived around dusk in Shrewsbury England (hence, no blog post on our travel day). We hailed a cab outside the train station and asked for a ride to our hotel, The Vaults. The cabbie laughed and said, “Why don’t you walk, it’s just around the corner” so we did. That was the easy part, getting the luggage up 45 stairs, including two flights of narrow spiral staircases to the top floor took a bit of effort. Fortunately, there is a pub on the first floor so I was able to fortify myself during the assault on the stairwells.

After settling in, we went for a nice walk about town. We had a very good dinner at the Bistro Jacques and turned in for the night after a nightcap of some excellent Three Tuns ale at our friendly hotel.

Powys_Castle_1Friday morning, we arose bright and early and met Sam Sansbury of Colinette Yarns for breakfast at his friends’ cafe, the Shrewsbury Coffee Shoppe,  across the street from the hotel. Sam went to boarding school in Shrewsbury and took us on a very nice ride through the city pointing out some highlights and his school, before striking out across the Welsh countryside. We stopped at Powys Castle and took some great photos of the castle and the grounds before heading on to our tour of Colinette.

The tour was very informative and delightful for a process-oriented person like me, while Miss Cyd took lots of photos and talked with the people who took the base yarn from the dye vats to the finished product in the retail shop. I think Cyd is planning to publish an article on this experience, so I don’t want to steal her thunder in this blog. Suffice it to say, we went from:

From wool on the hoof…
… thru the dyeing, drying, and winding processes …
… to Miss Cyd making a yarn ball in the shoppe for her next Colinette project!


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